If you have a house, restaurant, nightclub, bar, health club, or House of Worship, we can design and install audio system that will not only impress your patrons, but you as well.

We pay close attention to your individual project requirements and will customize a system to meet those needs.

Audio systems for home or business:

  • Multiroom and multisource audio
  • Media rooms
  • Home theaters
  • Network integration

Our experience and service portfolio cover everything you need to make your home entertainment setup sound incredible. This includes:

  • Helping you find the best home audio products compatible with your system design;
  • Guiding you in the custom design, installation, and calibration of your home theater’s surround sound setup (be it a new construction or a retrofit project);
  • Integrating your iPod / iPad / iPhone / Android devices and speaker docks to the rest of your home entertainment system and wiring your entire house with professional sound;
  • Providing consultation and information on subwoofers, AV receivers, digital media receivers, audio shelf systems, speaker systems, outdoor speaker systems, total home audio installation, and other similar categories;
  • Helping you decide the kind of home audio installation – bookshelf, floorstanding, in-ceiling, outdoor, etc. – that best fits your needs;
  • Managing all your digital media and storing them all in a centralized media system for easy accessibility;
  • And more!

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